About us &

our brand

Soline Essentials is a multi-purpose brand; creating both our permanent collection of beeswax candles and limited batches of unique handmade pieces. Consider us a brand filled with goodies you’ll love to find in your home.

We are

a small Belgian based brand that offers a fun range of candles that are handmade, sustainable and 100% natural.


We believe in creating pieces that you fall in love with, and that will benefit you in all the ways you choose to use it for. 


Our mission is to bright up your interior with our unique and fun design homeware without harming our planet and your health. 

Your interior is filled with object that are a reflection of your soul. If we can make it into your interior, we know we can make it into your hearts. And there we’ll find our place to burn bright. 

Eline Schaerlaecken - Soline Essentials
Why we only

Use beeswax

Candles are without a doubt the most cosy interior must-haves. However, most candles can cause more damage than you might think. Parafin candles harm both your health and our environment with their toxic fumes. Luckily we’ve found our match with a wax that is 100% natural and not only burns better & brighter, but also has a lot of health benefits: the one and only beeswax. 

a product of nature

Beeswax is an all natural product. Produced by our beloved honeybees with a lot of care. It's a product made with love, and needs to be treated that way when using it as well.

with love for bees

We care a great deal about the bees that supply us of beeswax. That's why we work together closely with their beekeepers to ensure the well-being of the bees and the quality of the beeswax they produce.

locally produced

As a small Belgian brand, we not only produce our products locally in Belgium; we also buy our ingredients from locals in order to provide high-quality products that don't need to travel across the globe.

How we try to be a

Sustainable brand

Nothing is more important to use than making sure we try our best at being sustainable. And with every new day, we try to make changes in order to do better.


Scents & Colours

All of our candles are scented and coloured with natural ingredients. For our colouring we use a range of natural pigments from herbs, plants and flowers. This is why we only have a small colour palette. Our scents are a result of carefully composed essential oil blends, that not only smell lovely, but also offer the benefits of aromatherapy. Note that the effect will be less strong because part will burn along with the candle.