The Funky Pillows – Nr. 5


The funky pillows are a collection of handmade pillow covers from secondhand fabrics. Due to their second-life nature and limited quantity, they are a unique addition to your interior. The fabrics are carefully selected and washed. Please note that these fabrics are living their second life, so there may be some slight signs of that. To us, that makes them even more special and unique in their own way. All of our labels are made from organic cotton to fit our standards. 

Soline x AMAI

For this collection, Soline collaborated with AMAI, a social workshop in Belgium. AMAI is a social workshop where women work who, for certain reasons, cannot participate in the regular labor market. In their own sewing studio, however, they create the most beautiful homeware pieces. Thanks to AMAI they are offered useful work, combined with a caring workplace and staff who are their social safety net. 

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