Matcha Set Workshop @Kūkai


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The matcha set workshop is a collab between Soline and KūKai matcha studio in Antwerp. During this workshop you get the chance to dive into the basics of handbuilding and create your own matcha set.

With the knowledge and creativity of Soline and the wonderful matcha drinks and pastries of KūKai you’ve got yourself a heavenly combo.

Matcha Set Workshop 26 Sept – 19h – 22h

During this workshop you create a matcha set consisting of a matcha bowl and a matcha mug from scratch (you can choose to make this a breakfast bowl and coffee mug if you like – be creative!).

You will be provided by different tools and techniques to create this ceramic set. After the set is finished you get a chance to paint it yourself as well, ending up with something that is truely unique.

The pieces will be finished with a transparant glaze and be fired twice before they return to you. All costs are included in the price.

What’s Included?

  • Clay & Glaze
  • Utensils & Apron
  • Drink & Bites at KūKai
  • Bisque & Glaze Fire

More information of our workshops here.

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