Funky Bowl Nr. 6


The funky bowl nr. 6 is a small bowl in a beige speckle clay. Covered in a high gloss clear glaze and bright orange stripes.

The Treasures of Soline Essentials – Funky Bowl Collection 

The funky bowls are unique, handmade ceramic bowls. Each bowl is a statement piece that will only be made once. By making unique pieces, Soline wants to create a small collection of homeware pieces that make your interior stand out. In a society where everyone has the same things, and trends are all around us, it’s nice to have something that’s one of a kind.

All bowls are made by hand in the Atelier of Soline and are crafted with patience and love. Fired at high temperatures and covered in food-safe glazes, make these bowls are ideal for hot beverages. Handle with care and wash by hand.

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