Ceramic Painting Workshop @TeintTeint


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A collab between Soline and Teint Teint Antwerp screams selfcare! With these workshops we create a setting in the beautify shop of Teint Teint, filled with all of her beauty & selfcare goodies.

Imagine a moment with your dearest friends, family or just in the peacefull presence of likeminded creatives. Sippin on a herbal tea, with your hands covered in paint or clay – or both.

Ceramic Glazing Workshop 5 Okt – 19h – 21h

During the ceramic glazing workshop you will be provided with a funky soline mug – that is already made and fired for you.

You will teach all the do’s and don’ts of ceramic painting and Eline will teach you her own techniques on how to paint the Soline patterns.

After some try-outs you can get to work and paint your own piece, just the way you like it!

The pieces will be finished with a transparant glaze and be fired once again before they return to you. All costs are included in the price.

What’s Included?

  • Clay & Glaze
  • Utensils & Apron
  • Herbal tea blends
  • Delicious homemade cookies
  • Bisque & Glaze Fire

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